Our areas of competence

Our specialty is guiding entrepreneurial transition processes and bringing them to a successful conclusion. We are familiar with day-to-day business environments and will provide you with effective and practical solutions based on years of hard won know-how.


Progression requires forward thinking. We support your visions during their implementation journey so that they become a reality.

Are you confronted by far-reaching, strategic and critical decisions?
Are you ready to explore new paths?
Do you have the right sounding board and expert resources to help you navigate your business through stormy seas?

Initial circumstances often seem to be similar: Tough competitive environments, eroding profit margins, speed of technological development and changing customer requirements. Where to start?

Together with you and your team, we will develop a tailored strategy for your business. This is done methodically and step by step, based on our proven management concept. Together we will define a concise plan of measures and key performance figures and data to track.


Rolf Menzi
Stefan Menzi

M&A / Mergers / Takeovers

The change in ownership of a running business is always associated with great uncertainties - emotional and financial. These chances are rare and should be taken advantage of. They are a sustainable opportunity.

Are you seeking synergies for your value chain?
Would you like to search for and evaluate a target company in Switzerland?
Or are you intending to sell your investment to a Swiss company?
Would you like to establish a curated list of potential purchasers?

The strategic sale or purchase of companies or business divisions in Switzerland – also for international customers - is a key strength of Menzi & Partner. We analyze the strategic portfolios of potential candidate companies in advance, which enables us to identify the possibilities and market prices rapidly and discreetly. Our broad network of lawyers, trustees and banking contacts facilitates this process.

We will guide you through the whole process of evaluations and negotiations. We then coordinate all organizational, legal, financial and tax-related issues up to and including contract design and financing.


Rolf Menzi
Marcello Biondo


Internet commerce crosses all borders and enables even small companies a global reach. We will support you on the path to digital success.

Are you thinking of entering e-commerce and providing your products and services online?
How will digitalization change your business model and work flows? Will it sustain?
Are you gathering, understanding and using your customer data effectively?
You understand that social media is not a channel but a new type of immediate, interactive strategic communication with all clients, employees and partners. Are you using it strategically?

We all live in a digital world. Our experts have a wealth of experience and implementation know how from over 100 e-commerce businesses, web application and digitalization projects.
We can assist you in building your digital reality and experience. From analysis and concepts to information and technical architecture to implementation, launch and operation.
We know about the backend challenges you will face when integrating commercial ERP systems, shipping and logistics solutions, customs clear-ance, international VAT and consumer protection.


Examining and rearranging investment proposals, contacting investors and raising capital. We will help you secure the financing of your strategic requirements and ideas.

How do you want to finance your strategic expansion if the equity is limited?
How many promising projects are stuck in the pipeline just because of a lack of capital?
Have you identified where you need additional financing?

We are very familiar with the search for additional capital and we have a depth of experience on both sides as entrepreneurs and as investors. We have learned how important it is that potential investors thoroughly understand your ideas in order to back them. Third party capital often results in new expectations and can raise new tensions both of which need to be managed. Business plans and cash flow statements are inevitable but are often not sufficient. Early attention should be paid to the potential impact that investors may bring to your operation. Clear entrance and exit opportunities must therefore be determined in advance.


Rolf Menzi

Participation in the board of directors

Understanding means listening, sharing perception, insight and speaking the same language. An independent, external voice and network can be a vital contribution to sustainable Corporate success.

Do you want to integrate an independent personality into your decision making process?
Are you looking for an external non-executive member of the board of directors who will balance and guarantee the interests of diverse stakeholders?
Are you looking for an honest and experienced sparring partner outside of your organization to openly discuss and analyze crucial issues?

Our individual partners provide important impulses for many of our customers. An independent view from outside the company especially in connection with company transactions, succession solutions or external financing, can be of inestimable benefit.
When called upon we will guide you in decision making processes and assume responsibility on a case by case basis as external, independent and non-executive (but active) advisory board members to guarantee the interests of your various stakeholders in a balanced manner.


Rolf Menzi
Stefan Menzi

Contract design

Trust is good, contracts are better. Our lawyers will formulate and define your expectations into a binding legal and contractual shape.

Are you searching for a balanced and adequate contractual wording for a goal- and solution-oriented agreement with your business partners?
Are you sure that you have defined and docu-mented all the relevant issues that have to be contractually regulated?
Do your contracts offer the legal security that you require to accomplish your future steps?

Our lawyers support you in all phases of contract design - from the analysis of the requirements and the negotiations to the phrasing and the subse-quent signing.
We will counsel you through the negotiations and help you to implement and convert the individual contractual provisions.


Rolf Menzi
Marcello Biondo

Expansion in Switzerland

Are you considering an expansion of your business activities or corporate seat to Switzerland? We will assist and guide you in the foundation or acquisition of a company. We can also provide operational support, legal and tax counsel and access to local business networks.

Are you considering Switzerland as a place of strategic interest to your company?
Do you plan to extend your business activities to Switzerland?
Would you be interested in acquiring a business in Switzerland?

We have been advising and guiding clients that have expanded their business into Switzerland since 1999.
Comprehensive services in strategy, financing, taxes and law combined with our extensive network enable us to smooth your way into the markets in our country.
Let us be your central hub if you wish to expand your business into Switzerland. We will faithfully support you in realizing your plans - from company formation to business management up to the acquisition of well established companies.


Rolf Menzi